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Devnova: Web and Software Development, Tech Support

Devnova: Web and Software Development, Tech Support

DevNova's Virtual Tours

Experience our virtual tours - best way to see all details using 360° images. Featuring a simple and intuitive navigation, this is one of the most exciting web experiences your customers will enjoy.
Combining technology and new media concepts to deliver innovative and exciting experiences.

Currently Devnova Inc. is not accepting new business. All accounts are referred to Sergiu Baluta Co.

DevNova Inc. is a web development company specializing in content management systems.

We are focused on providing services to small businesses that have a low budget and cannot afford the complexity of dealing with larger companies.

Being a small business ourself we have learnt how to strip out all the non-esential from the web development process and how to meet the most demanding budgets of our clients.

Still, we proud ourselves in delivering outstanding results and staying in business for many years without any type of paid advertising.

Our best advertising is our satisfied clients that refer us to other clients. We hope that you will become one !